Your MECC journey

MECC for back pain

What it IS:

  • Raising awareness amongst general public /clients/patients about back pain prevention*
  • Top tips for managing back pain more effectively*
  • Signposting to further information and support.

What it is NOT: 

  • Clinical assessment or diagnosis for people complaining of back pain*
  • Clinical advice for people with serious back pain or any medical condition*
  • Risk stratification for people with a back condition*
  • Treatment for people with a back condition.

Different levels of MECC for different professional roles:

It is recognised that some AHP roles are more suitable for more in-depth conversations about back pain than others. Please look at Your MECC Journey and decide which route is best for you.

NB: ALL AHPs follow the Columbo MECC route initially. Some will stop at this point; others will go on to Level 2 and some to Levels 2 and 3.