Door openers and closers

Of course you don't always have to grab people just as they are going out of the door! There are plenty other "door openers" to a brief conversation about LBP. Here are some ideas:

  • You observe someone wincing as they get out of their chair

  • You are chatting to a Carer and they tell you they are helping their Mum to get in and out of bed every day

  • It's Back Care Awareness week

  • You have put up a poster which says "It's OK to ASK about Back Pain...and someone asks you!

The spirit of MECC has always been that professionals look for opportunities to start conversations about the benefits of adopting healthier lifestyles.

It is part of our role identity to offer opportunities for our patients/clients to ask us about how they can improve their health and well-being....whatever the reason they are here to see us.

And don't forget… MECC is for staff too.

You are aware that sickness absence from back pain is common where you work...and decide to tell your team all about back pain.

You notice a colleague complaining that their back hurts....and start a conversation about what she finds helpful that gives you an opportunity to share the 3 key messages for LBP.

Door Closers

Sometimes you may find the conversation isn't going so well. The person is in a rush, feeling extra stressed, in a bad mood or whatever.

In those cases it is helpful that you have a "door closer" prepared. This is a sentence or two that acknowledges the person's present state (empathy) and holds the door open for them to talk at another, more suitable time.

"I can see that this is not the right time for you....if you ever do want some information about back pain though, it's OK to ask".

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