Key back pain messages

1. Keep Active

"If you have back pain, a gradual return to exercise and general activity is very helpful for your recovery. Regular exercises may also help to prevent the back pain from returning."

"Try not to rest in bed. You are much more likely to stay pain-free in the future if you keep active rather than resting a lot."

2. Hurt doesn't equal harm

Sometimes people fear that the pain they feel means that there is damage to the back. They may also fear that exercise is damaging. Actually it is not true that pain means there is damage. Pain is the body's natural reaction, but the degree of pain can vary according to how much you worry about the pain, your mood and general stress levels.

"Pain doesn't equal harm. Most people will recover from back pain quite quickly, with no lasting problems"

"Keeping active is the best option. When you are physically active, experiencing initial soreness is common. It is important to keep active even so, and to remain active once the back pain has gone to prevent a re-occurrence".

3. Take a simple painkiller

[box]"It is best to take a painkiller on a regular basis rather than now and again. This will allow you to continue with your day-to-day activities more comfortably. Ask your pharmacist for advice on which painkiller to take.

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