Myth busting

A conversation about back pain can sometimes be an opportunity to myth bust

There are quite a few myths about back pain which are held by the general public.

Remember, what people believe about back pain, and their attitudes towards having back pain, can impact on recovery. People with LBP who are fearful, who rest excessively and who cannot cope with or control their pain, who believe that they have structural damage to their backs, are at greater risk of developing chronic back pain.

"Myths impair recovery and promote unnecessary suffering and disability"

Myth 1: More pain = more damage

Not necessarily so. The degree of pain experienced varies according to people's mood, fears and stress levels. So take the opportunity to advise that the person shouldn't take to their bed. Pain is natural and their condition is likely to recover fairly quickly. However, if it does persist or worsen they should seek further help.

Myth 2: Exercise is damaging

Not so. Exercise is very helpful and not damaging. It is important to maintain activities even though you may be experiencing some back pain.

Myth 3: Bed rest is best

[box]Not so. Prolonged bed rest is unhelpful, and associated with higher levels of pain, greater disability, poorer recovery and greater absence from work . In fact the longer you stay in bed, the worse your pain becomes.

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