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Lastly, but definitely not least, back pain prevention brief advice applies to staff too

Advice for people at work with back pain:

  • It’s OK to remain at work if you are experiencing some low back pain

  • Continue with normal activities as much as possible. This may not be possible at first if the pain is very bad. However, move around as soon as you are able, and get back into normal activities as soon as you can. As a rule, don't do anything that causes a lot of pain. However, you will have to accept some discomfort when you are trying to keep active. Setting a new goal each day may be a good idea.

  • If you are off sick with low back pain, try to return to work as soon as possible. It is safe to return to work before you are pain-free. Talk to your GP and your employer about this at an early stage to assist your speedy return to work. The longer you stay off work, the more likely you are never to return. Research tells us that you are more likely to improve quickly by getting moving and getting back to work as soon as possible.

How can you be an LBP Champion where you work?

  • Put up some posters about back pain brief advice

  • Share your knowledge about the Top Tips for LBP and the general MECC Top Tips with your colleagues

  • Encourage your colleagues to keep active at work. Start a walking group in the lunch hour that meets and goes for a short walk every day.

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